A Boy’s book of Outdoor Sports

boys book of outdoor sports

This is great for any father to pass on to his son to teach him various outdoor activities from how to fish for trout, how to keep your dog healthy, how to trap a squirrel (or other varmints), loading a gun (safely), to swimming and other exercises…


I wish I had this information available to me as a youngster, as I find some of it very informative even as an adult.

While I don’t think some of the topics cover the in-depth knowledge required to actually accomplish some of these activities, its certainly a good start.

This is my youngster that i want to have the knowledge and respect for the outdoors and nature I've taken my lifetime to learn, mostly from my father or on my own

this is my lil’ cowboy Quinn Moore.  He has already shown a passion for the outdoors that I hope to guide him to understanding physically and spiritually 

I think I will create something similar for my son Quinn and omit some of the categories that are irrelevant and add more detail to the activities he will most likely find an interest in, particularly in Colorado.  It would be quite a family heirloom to pass along for generations to come.  You never know when you just might not be around to guide and teach him everything you want to during his youth, and should I not be around for everything I want to teach him myself, I can have something in writing to share with him that includes stories of my trials and tribulations as a young man learning many of these activities the hard way.
Hopefully I can get my father, uncles and even his great grandfather to participate in drafting this project whether it be web based in the end or simply a book for him to take on his own journeys and explorations in the wild.

2 responses to “A Boy’s book of Outdoor Sports

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  2. Moore, Robert

    Wow…you have been busy…what a great start..!!! and a great idea

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